Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Temple Shooting: A Prayer For All Of Us

I can't think of today's shooting at the Sikh temple without feeling sick
and hopeless
for all of us:
victims, perpetrators, onlookers;
both physical and spiritual,
literal and figurative.

And so, a prayer.

For all of us, strength: to survive, to heal, to love, to change, to work.
To keep battling ignorance and hatred.
To find a better way.

For all of us, compassion: to forgive, to grow, to change, to love.
To heal.
To mend every broken heart.
We're all in this together.


  1. Thank you, Rabbi. It's hard to process such a thing without feeling some anger. Maybe we can focus on what we can do together.

    1. I agree, Kim. It's so easy and natural to get angry. But then I remember that it was almost certainly anger, among other things, that propelled the person behind the gun(s) yesterday. And I believe that while anger as an emotion has its uses, it's simply not helpful when it comes to planning action. If we care about fruitful & healthy action, that is.

  2. Well, just sending letters to the Temple might be would be special if they actually arrived in the mail...people could touch and feel them, and they could be posted for the membership to see....what do you think? Signed, Ann Landau

    1. I LOVE that idea! I'll post the address when I find it. Thank-you, Ann.

  3. Update to my comment...postcards would be better. There might be security fears with having to open envelopes. Postcards would be simpler too. I have spoken to the pastoral staff here at Brooksby Village....Just in case we want to make a project.